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Black Equity Initiative

(Black Equity Collective) 

Chief Strategist, Black Equity Initiative (Black Equity Collective)

"Kaci is as smart and competent as she is warm and sincere.  She cares deeply about her work, which all involves an equity lens. Kaci has been the chief designer, strategist and manager of the Black Equity Initiative, which started off as a vague idea. Kaci has done a brilliant job conceptualizing, strategizing and executing the BEI, which has now become a model for others in philanthropy."

- Bill Resnick, The JIB Fund

Samples of our work


Launched in 2017 with a cohort of 15 organizations across Los Angeles and San Bernardino, the Black Equity Initiative pursues two primary goals:

1. Address conditions that perpetuate institutional racism against Black people in education, criminal justice and workforce development; and
2. Build a community of learning and practice that strengthens work on the ground and informs the broader philanthropic field of best practices to advance racial justice at scale.

The Initiative’s theory of change is centered in the belief that progress on Black equity and racial justice must be part of any forward movement in the United States, and will only be achieved when philanthropic investments, public policies, and institutional practices boldly confront racial injustice.
While the Initiative continues through 2021, in 2020, the
Black Equity Collective will launch to scale this work. 
Born out of the Initiative, the Collective is envisioned as an intermediary organization that functions as a community-public-private partnership with Black equity as its central, unifying force. The Collective joins institutional funders, family foundations, individual donors, public systems and Black-led/serving community-based organizations in a shared mission to strengthen the long-term capacity and infrastructure of Black-led-and-serving social justice organizations in Southern California (Los Angeles County and Inland Empire). 

Senior Director, LA Partnership for Early Childhood Investment

Core work: Census 2020 (Early Childhood Census Fund); African American Infant and Maternal Mortality (AAIMM) Initiative


Strategic Advisor, CA Black Census and Redistricting Hub/My Black Counts


Since its founding in 2014, SGS has worked with various philanthropic institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, including: Families In Schools, Liberty Hill Foundation, United Way of Greater LA, The JIB Fund, LA Area Chamber of Commerce, The California Wellness Foundation, California Charter Schools Association, California Calls, GRoW@Annenberg, New Life Christian Church, and LA Unified School District, among others. 


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