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Thriving While Black™

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THRIVING WHILE BLACK® is SGS's national and cultural paradigm shift to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of Black people in America. From laws, administrative practices, and regulations to economic and philanthropic investment in Black communities, none of us can truly thrive until Black people thrive. 


THRIVING WHILE BLACK® is more than a campaign slogan. It is a suite of products and services that promote awareness of and spur philanthropic investments in organizations working on the frontlines of social justice and economic development in Black communities.  TWB gives  organizations what they need to grow...and thrive!


THRIVING WHILE BLACK® embodies a state of being that enables Black people to be fully human. Our Black-led social justice organizations have been championing racial equity for decades and they deserve our full support. Whether you're an individual donor, corporate partner, private funder or public institution, investing in SGS's Thriving While Black product line joins you in a coordinated network of like-minded stakeholders who believe that pursuing economic, educational, social and political opportunity for Black people deserves investment, and that investment is best channeled to the Black-led social justice organizations with the imagination, resilience,  determination and experience to not quit until America is a place where Black people fully THRIVE.

THRIVING WHILE BLACK® swag coming soon! All proceeds will benefit Black-led organizations on the front lines of social justice. 

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